With a global trajectory of 60 years, Mundipharma has introduced to the market products that have transformed the treatment of pain, offering oral, transdermal and parenteral analgesic drugs; Adapting to the needs of patients.

Committed to patients around the world, Mundipharma is constantly developing studies and research on pain to share knowledge as a tool to help healthcare professionals.
Mundipharma focuses on alleviating the suffering caused by chronic pain, whether of cancerous origin or the product of other diseases

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Mundipharma confirms its commitment to more than 66 million people in the world suffering from Glaucoma. By purchasing Merck Sharp Dohme (MSD) ophthalmology products in more than 54 countries, the company manages to position itself in leadership positions with medicines of recognized trajectory and quality for the treatment of this pathology.

Pioneers in the health and care of the human being. Innovative medicine made accessible to those who need it


Mundipharma strengthens its portfolio by offering medicines for the treatment of asthma; One of the most common chronic diseases in the world, associated with high mortality rates.
Introducing to the Argentine market this new and unique therapeutic option in asthma, we are sure to contribute to better control of the disease.



Mundipharma offers new opportunities in the treatment of lymphomas.

Lymphomas are diseases of the blood system that are serious and potentially deadly. Peripheral T-cell lymphomas are conditions that, although rare, are of poor prognosis. Mundipharma has in its portfolio the first product approved by the American Regulatory Agency (FDA) for the treatment of this disease offering a therapeutic option.

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